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3-D is back! January 24, 2009

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book lovers January 21, 2009

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BEWARE! you might enjoy this a little too much!


small pleasures January 20, 2009

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my latest craze…vintage buttons to sew on clothes i am making for the girls. they make me happy!


imposed hibernation

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every year around this time (OK, just last year and this year) we are ready to head south for a dose of sun and warmer temperatures.  we were toying with the idea today, even going so far as checking the weather channel for the forecast in various parts of the country.  By far the best was phoenix, but i am sad to say, we have no family there who would be obligated to host their shriveling, white, northern relatives.

so here we stay, growing whiter, colder and more vitamin D deficient with each passing day.  and if i have to hear of one more person talking about their wonderful trip to hawaii or california where it was sunny and 80, i just might fling myself onto some icicles (which are right outside my door).


MonChiChi January 16, 2009

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the oddest thing happened the other night at book club. for some reason we were talking about toys of our childhood.  Someone said, “remember the monchichi?” and before i knew it, i blurted out the entire commercial jingle of the monchichi song.  

it was slightly distubing. i did not have a monchichi as a child, so i have no idea why the song would stick in my head.

200px-jemtalentsearchvhs-11   a couple of mintues later someone else said “what about jem?” once again, i was overcome by irresistable advertising. How is it possible that i remember the commercial jingles to things from 20 years ago? too bad there isn’t a game show for retainging such useless information. 

so, i want you to test me. name some toys or products of the 80’s and 90’s and we’ll see what happens!


the joker? January 15, 2009

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no, it’s peanut butter and jelly face!



I’ve learned… January 13, 2009

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in the last few weeks that i would rather be home, focused on my family everyday.  the snow-induced lock-in we had for about 2 weeks helped me realize this. I don’t work, so it should be easy.  but the almost daily necessity of running errands, taking addy to preschool, and doing things for steve distracts me from my focus. the busy-ness of doing replaces the peace of being.

i miss the quiet rhythm of those snow days. Even if we needed to go somewhere, we couldn’t. We made due and found creative ways to entertain ourselves. i realized that all i want and need is found in my home, with my family.